TDI T30M Air Motor - MiTi Starter

T30-M Air Driven Pump Motor

More Torque on Less Air
The efficiency of the T30-M turbine motor delivers the industry’s highest torque using  significantly less air than any competitive air motor. The result is greater capability for continuous duty operation.  The T30-M provides up to four hour of continuous duty operation with no burnout, no freeze-ups and without worries about lubrication drive air.  Furthermore, the TurboTwin turbine design eliminates maintenance, mess and failures associated with traditional vane-type motors.

No Oil. No Emission Problems.
To further simplify the function of pre-and-post lube pumping, T30-M comes grease packed for life. This means no messy oil and no lubrication requirements.  The supply air requires no pre-lubrication, thus eliminating hazardous fugitive emissions in addition to the safety and environmental concerns that go with them.

TurboTwin is the Most Reliable. Here’s Why.
TDI turbine motors not only last longer than vane motors, but they are less susceptible to damage by field contaminants that cause breakdown. Dirt, sand, rust and other contaminants that lodge inside and destroy vanes, simply pass through the turbine open air path design. Humidity, salt air, or moisture that cause vane parts to stick or swell have no effect. Add to that no rubbing parts, no plastic parts and the industry’s fewest moving parts, and the T30 stands above the  rest for maintenance-free operation.

Sour Gas? Bring it on.
Intake of sour gas is inevitable. It happens, and when it does your vane motor shuts down. That is, unless you have the T30.  Sour gas poses no problem to the industry’s most reliable air motor.

Maximum Power. Minimum Air.
T30 optimizes the amount of torque delivered to the driven member, and it does it with less air. Compare with any competitive model and you’ll find that no one delivers more on less.

Remote Locations and Cold Weather are Ideal Conditions for T30.
Control lines and electrical wiring to faraway locations not only complicate installation, but add to the list of things that can cause failure. Remote locations are perfect applications for T30-M because there is no need for separate control or wiring.  T30-M requires no pre-lubricated supply air, meaning the problems associated with oil at cold temperatures

Easy Installation.
At only 29 lbs. (13 kg), installation is a one man operation.  No sophisticated wiring or control hook-ups either.  Piping is easy too. There is only one supply line plus a ball valve or relay valve.

More than Just a Pump Motor
By significantly improving the reliability of pre-and-post lube pumping functions, the T30-M further assures the reliability of your gas turbine engine.  The relentless operation of these turbine motors assures engine operation when you have to be on-line pumping gas are no problem at all.

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