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Your Engine & Equipment Life Depends on Reliable Oil Lubrication…Before, During and After Operation.  Cold starts, or worse, dry starts take a heavy toll on engine and equipment bearings…contributing hundreds of extra hours of wear at every start. Once running, hot engine shut downs can scorch oil and ruin turbocharger bearings. That’s expensive. Since budgets demand fuel savings, simply leaving your equipment running is not cost effective. You need a reliable pre-lubrication and post-lubrication system to protect your engine & equipment from hours of unnecessary wear at every start and every shut down. And no pneumatic motor driven oil pump is more reliable than a TDI TurboTwin.

At Last, an Air Motor that is Up to the Job
Vane-type air motors just aren’t designed for the kind of service required by an equipment lube system. While gear-type oil pumps deliver years of dependable service, vane-type air motors are quickly destroyed by harsh conditions…air system moisture, contamination and ironically, often by lack of lubrication (depleted air line lubricators). Sensitive pneumatic diaphragm-type oil pumps can be even less durable in these conditions.

TurboTwin motors are different. Rust, scale and even heavy moisture flow right through TurboTwin’s open air path design with little effect. TurboTwin runs cool because there are no cylinders or rubbing vanes to heat up wear out, or break down. TDI TurboTwin T30-M turbine air motors are flat out the most durable you can buy… especially in harsh operating conditions.

No Supply Air Lubricators, No Maintenance, No Problem
We confess… one key to the reliability of the T30-M is that they simply do not require air line lubricators, regardless of the quality of the air/gas supply. You’ll spend less for coalescing filters, dryers and air treatment too. No one has to maintain these if they aren’t there! And no oily mist in the motor exhaust means a TurboTwin motor runs cleaner.

Long Lube Cycle Times, Keep Cool
At oil pump output speeds from 1000- 1800 RPM, lubrication cycles that are ten, twenty, even thirty minutes in duration, will not overheat a TurboTwin. Exhaust gas from the turbine actually cools bearings and the gearbox…without annoying oil gumming or motor freeze-ups.

Cleaner is Cool Too
In a time of increasingly tougher emission regulations. the T30-M eliminates one more source of messy fugitive emissions inherent with vane- type motors. No oil means no oil costs, reduced maintenance and less mess.

Power to Spare on Much Less Air
Vane motor power diminishes as vanes and the cylinder wear… so lube cycles take longer. Or worse, low power means sufficient oil volumes may not reach critical engine components. The powerful T30-M motor and matched 30GPM gear-type oil pump can deliver 40W oil at temperatures down to 20 F.

Plus, the T30-M efficiently delivers dependable, consistent power at about half the operating pressure required by vane-type motors. The basic model* delivers oil at 30GPM [5.5 HP @ 60PSIG or 130SCFM]. Obviously, higher outputs, even at lower air/gas pressures, are well within its capabilities. So, most anywhere you have equipment, oil can be circulated everywhere it is needed… fast.

A powerful air motor that runs clean, cool and for a very long time let’s your lube system do its job…protect your equipment.

Flexible Packaging – You Choose
T30-M motors and lube pumps can be packaged the way you want them. Standard mounts and interfaces provide easy installation. TDI has three basic configurations to suit your needs:

• Foot-mounted T30-M Air/Gas motor with standard NEMA interface

• Foot-mounted Air/Gas Motor with a top quality 30GPM gear-type oil pump.

• Complete “Plug & Play” package (all of the above plus specified motor controls – air only)

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